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Hey, I've managed to get it going on Rift. What you're seeing is the menu start screen, but yes the camera starts you off outside car. If you press Enter, it should start the experience.
But just a heads up, there does seem to be some issues still for VR  users. I felt very small in the car and was not sure how to exit the vehicle or do anything else other than watch the Rex circle the vehicle. 

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I will gladly donate a few bucks to this cause ;)

I still haven't tried this as I want to experience this only in VR. 

Haha, I've been checking in daily to see if there has been an update to that. 

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I also support this for VR!
Like everyone else, I was able to only see the main menu in VR. I decided to hold off on seeing the whole experience and wait to check it out exclusively in VR, if there is a workaround inbound.
Very impressed with what I saw so far, well done!