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man, this was quite an experience   

after seeing your stuff in rockpapershotgun i have been meaning to try it   

though i had already tried FROGGY and let me tell you that was quite an experience    

though i did end uo conquering armaggeddon highway, hehe    

also i think this kinda helped me find a whole new aesttethic i want to try when i get a new drawing tablet, as someone who draws, this is very important    

also naminig the pink friend Floyd gave me quite a chuckle, hehe    

ok, jokes aside, thanks for this    

i used to think being pragmatic about grieving and feeling overall bad was good (in the "no time to feel bad, let's try to just feel good instead or fake it or something" way of thinking) and you kinda made me change my mind    

i hope i can help people from now on with this new way of seeing things    

just wanna say your work matters, nathalie    

keep it up


Thank you for the kind words! This means a lot  ❤ ♡