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Excellent game! The setting is great, the enemies have a very cool design but above all the soundtrack is amazing, the track of the room where Poll appears is great! add Spanish subtitles for all those who do not master the language, hopefully you can add the Spanish language to the complete game.

Gameplay Complete here.

Thank you very much! ^^
Spanish will come to the game. Maybe not on launch but surely in an update in the first month(s) of release : )

Wow! Splendid thank you very much, and one last question the soundtrack can be obtained by spotify? or where could I hear it? is that I really love and I am fascinated by the subject of Pol's room.

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You can currently listen to the demo soundtrack here: 

After the launch, I will update this playlist with all the songs of the full game. : )

Edit: this link doesn't seem to support playlists on youtube, so you can just go to this youtube channel and find the music/playlist : )


Thank you very much the soundtrack is fantastic, I send you my regards. 🖐🖐🖐