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César DarkSlayer

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Simply fantastic guys, I congratulate you for the great effort you have dedicated to your project and I will certainly wait for the full version, it is an excellent game!
Full demo with subtitles, it's Spanish, activate them first.

I had a great time with this game and graphically it looks very good besides being entertaining I will take a look at your future projects, good game!
Gameplay Here

The atmosphere is chilling, the camera handles well and the sounds are perfect,maybe if they had added 2 or more objectives to do it would have been perfect, but it is a good game I loved it! Recommended to all who like terror and urban exploration.
Game Complete con Sub. en Esp Activalos primero

It's great, I loved the characters of Claire, Jill Mr.X and Nemesis, I hope you can continue with this project later, it's worth it, it would also be fantastic an arcade mode and the online mode. good game!
Gameplay Here


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Entertainig  Game I recommend it if you have claustrophobia and color phobia lol, God game.

I had a great time playing, the setting is very good and apparently I have acquired a new color phobia, good game!
Game Complete Here No Deaths | Juego completo Aqui Sin Morir

It has a good atmosphere besides that the sound effects are well used, the character is controlled very well and graphically it looks beautiful, good game!
Game Complete Here

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I had a great time with your game, I liked the setting and of course the scare was well executed lol 😁, I will look forward to your future projects, Good Game!

Gameplay Here con Subtitulos en Español no olvides activarlos primero

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With just trying the demo you can discover how fantastic the game is all an exponent of the Metroidvania, Environment Cool and heaven characters The soundtrack is brutal You are a whole Danny genius! Without a doubt it is a game that can be played during a streaming session and at a fully accessible price, amazing game.

Demo Complete Here

It's an entertaining game and scares are the order of the day lol it has a good atmosphere and the handling of the character is excellent also having several endings makes it replayable and makes you want to get everything. Good game! Game Completed Here 👇👇👇👇👇👇

It is an entertaining game, it has a good setting, in addition to the fact that the character is controlled very well, perhaps if objectives had been added, the game would stand out much more, it is a game with great potential. Good game! Game Completed Here

The game has a good setting and the sounds that the creature makes give you goosebumps, hopefully in the future there will be a story because the game has potential, good game!
Game Completed Here

also thanks to you, for developing this work because I had a great time playing and I will gladly play the next titles that you develop in the future, greetings!

I loved the art, it fits the game very well, the character is controlled very well, in addition to having a good setting, I only wish the scenarios had been a little more terrifying but it's very good, good game!
My Gameplay 👇👇👇👇👇👇

Dude this game is amazing! it has all the elements of a metroidvania but above all the soundtrack is brutal! I am very anxious for the game to reach its final version, it is incredible. If you like you can watch my gameplay

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It is a very entertaining game, it has a good number of weapons, levels and of course bosses, in addition to the fact that the character is controlled very well, in my gameplay I only show the first 3 levels, also showing part of the content, it is definitely a game that every fan of the zombies must play.
Gameplay here


Oh! Seriously I'm eager to play it and find out what else will happen in the story, it's fantastic!
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Good game! has a good atmosphere,the character handles well and the sound effects are very well executed, how I jumped with that scare from the LOL window and the end left me shocked.
Game Complete (NO DEATHS) Este gameplay tiene subtitulos a español no olvides activarlos primero.

I had a lot of fun with your game, the character controls very well and the weapons are good, if it had a multiplayer mode it would be amazing Good game!
Full game here (No Deaths)

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A great game! It has a setting that fits perfectly, the character is very well controlled and the music is amazing, I wonder if the character will have special abilities in the full version? Simply this game is great!
Demo complete Here con subtitulos en español.

Your game is amazing friend! Hopefully in the future this could be longer or have more chapters, I was fascinated! Excellent for this month of terror!
Gameplay Complete Here
Juego completo aqui


Thank you very much the soundtrack is fantastic, I send you my regards. 🖐🖐🖐

Wow! Splendid thank you very much, and one last question the soundtrack can be obtained by spotify? or where could I hear it? is that I really love and I am fascinated by the subject of Pol's room.

Excellent game! The setting is great, the enemies have a very cool design but above all the soundtrack is amazing, the track of the room where Poll appears is great! add Spanish subtitles for all those who do not master the language, hopefully you can add the Spanish language to the complete game.

Gameplay Complete here.

Good game I entertained myself very well playing it and they do not know how to jump with the jumpscare of the jumping guy haha, maybe I need to see what happened with Slendrina in the end but I liked it a lot. Remember to watch it at night and with headphones.

. Aquí mi juego  Juego completo 

Canal César DarkSlayer

The game is entertaining and has a good setting, with respect to the character it takes time to want to make a turn but if one adapts to the control one can walk backwards and then later he can give the direction to where he wants to go, the character is faster like this Regarding the password, it seemed strange to me to see a code in the game's app icon, so I wrote it since it was the first thing that came to my mind, add Spanish subtitles for all those who do not speak English. forget to activate them first, the game keeps its original language, good game.

Gameplay Complete Here

Is a good game! the stages are very well developed, the movements are executed well and the soundtrack is AMAZING! The only bad point would be the bosses since they do not present a challenge and it causes them a lot of damage but perhaps this will change in its final version, add subtitles in Spanish for all those who do not speak English activate them to read the translated texts, the game retains its original language.

Good game! Demo Complete Here

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My gameplay, Demo complete.

Very good game! The control is easy to master, the enemies and the level design is fantastic, I especially loved the Lighthouse that appears in the background and the soundtrack is perfect for the game, regarding the character he looks very cold, he does not show any expression, perhaps in the future this changes but this is simply my opinion, good game.

Impressive! the character handles very well, the city has an apocalyptic setting that terrifies anyone who plays it and the boss design is cool, the only thing missing was that there was a puzzle for the full experience but the game is great, thanks for asking me enjoy this great experience, by the way my gameplay has subtitles in Spanish so that more people see it and the language is not an impediment.

This game is great, the character handles very well, the setting is tetric, the soundtrack makes you feel tense all the time and the intelligence of the enemies is worth fearing them, maybe the only bad thing is that I feel like using a weapon but no problem I loved it! by the way my gameplay is subtitled in Spanish so that more people can see it and the language is not an impediment.

The game is great the design of the enemies is 10 spectacular!
every zombie fan must try,
here is my gameplay in case you are interested in seeing an excellent game!