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Super amazing game! Gameplay, music, story, and voice acting were perfect! While I'm on the voice acting, the voice acting from everyone in this game was soooo freaking good, like holy crap it was so good! Only had a couple problems, it seems like a poor idea to only let you pull off one piece of meat to feed the dog, especially if you miss what you're really supposed to do with it, I mean, there's arms and legs scattered everywhere, should be able to just pick up another one. The other problem was after I reset the game because I threw the meat without putting the painkillers in it, it crashed when I got picked up by the boat. Still a super phenomenal game! Made a video, hope you enjoy!

Ah sorry about the crash! You can use the cleaver to get more meat, but it's not a very well signposted puzzle, and the visuals make it pretty unclear so a few people got stuck there.  Thanks for playing!