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That scary obsession is back....and we are happy it is back.

We enjoyed the first one (did a video on our channel). We enjoyed the REDUX one even more (we only missed the screaming lady form the first one).

Keep up the good work!!!

Thanks! 👍
And well, the screaming lady was an abrupt way of ending the game's former version, and, as you may already know if you played any other horror-ish game of mine, I'm not really into jumpscares.
In fact, that lady was just a weird way to say "wake up, all your reality is a self-imposed dream to escape from the murder you committed".
Some liked it, many didn't. So, in this redux edition, I took the chance to expand and clarify the whole meaning behind that scream with a real "wake up" scene, a "descend into the madness" sequence, and a basement "revelation speech".
Anyway, thanks for your feedback, and thanks again for the video! 😊