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Oh man, just played the solo version (almost an hour and a half). This was such a great experience. The game plays really well.  Loved the trick-taking aspect of the combat and the journaling/storytelling of the story build-up.

Managed to gain my freedom (with green color, almost with yellow also) and killed all the enemy gladiators (Rodolfo was hard at the end).

All in all a great idea and a great game. Thank you!!!

This is one of my favorite card games. Made a few videos on our new channel.

(the videos are Serbian language)

Love the game and the retro vibes.

A short and fun experience. Love the retro vibes.

Fun experience (maybe a little too easy).

Looks promising. I like the retro vibes.

Will there be a downloadable (pnp) version?

Saw this game on 2021 9-CARD NANOGAME PRINT AND PLAY DESIGN CONTEST!! and wanted to try it out.

Another fun horror experience from Mr. Cagnani.

We have a playthrough video if you want to watch it.

Loved this short experience. Would like to see a longer game.

Looks and plays good. Great work.

Loved it, great fun.  Here is a short gameplay video:

Love the game. The music and graphics are great. Here is a video (made when the update hit, gonna try the new version).

A fun remake. Maybe a little harder than the original game.

Here is a short video:

Looks and plays great. Loved it.

A fun little shooter. Loved it. The music and the graphics are great.

Looks good, plays good.

Great DEMO. Had a lot of fun testing it. Loved the puzzles (not too easy, not too hard) and the voice acting. The shooting gives me a little Bioshock vibe (that is good). Waiting for the full game.

One of the best indie WWII games. It has such a great retro vibe. Loved it.

A fun arena shooter.

A beautiful experience.

A great DEMO, brings back some old FPS vibes. Waiting for more.

A fun little game. Loved the retro vibes.

A fun little game. Looks good and plays good.

An interesting begining. Waiting to see more.

Loved the retro vibes. All in all a fun little game.

*aded some music, had no sound

Had fun playing it. Loved the art style.

The game is fluid and fun. Loved the retro vibes and the music.

Waiting to see how this project develops further.

Looks and plays good. Waiting to see the rest.

It was a fun experience. It would be more interesting to do a longer game about the topic (The Arab-Israeli war).This way it is just a part of the forgoten history...

Loved the retro vibes. Had a lot of fun testing the game.

Here is a short gameplay video:

Not bad for a JAM game. Had fun testing it.

Here is a short gameplay video:

The game looks great. Loved the creature designs. It works just fine with a mouse and keyboard (change your keyboard to french language and it will work).Nice work for a student project. Would love to see a full game.

For a student project this is great!!!

A very interesting experience. Loved the aesthetics. I just wish it was longer....

A beautiful game. Relaxing...

Love the concept and the story. The game looks great.  Nice work.