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I think I'm just bad at the game, but I want to think it's just hard. I really like the concept of ordering squads around, but we got slaughtered every time. There did seem to be an occasional issue where friendly ai couldn't hit the enemy ai because they were too close, but I don't have enough footage to confirm. My one real piece of feedback would be to consider adding some more of the horror vibe. The dark hallways during bunker shutdown are really creepy, it'd be awesome to see more if that atmosphere.


Hey CoalFire,
Really liked the Let's Play! It's always fun to hear when people enjoy the game. It's true, the game is very hard- probably too hard at the moment. I really appreciate your feedback, critiques and suggestions. The game, while considered to be complete, is also in a very basic form and has a lot of room for improvement. As such, your feedback will be used to guide the development of future updates :).

Always happy to hear the feedback is of use!