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To start I was so incredibly frustrated with this because I may have been trying to play with my keyboard.

But once I switched to a USB controller boy oh boy did me and this game click.

The controls are pretty standard run, jump, the usual but the origami element really took the biscuit and the fact that the different structures control differently is a step above.

The general atmosphere of the game really shines through as well you can tell how much passion and hard work went into this, truly fantastic work.

My only gripe is that on the spider part the paper boy constantly got stuck when running up inclines, I had to constantly jump and even then he'd sort of stick every now and then, sorry I'm just reliving the 100 attempts I made at that part.

Good job.

The spider level is now fixed! We launched an update some days ago fixing the collisions and other bugs.

Awwh I was just busting your balls, loved your game.