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I enjoyed my time with this game immensely. The language put me off a bit at one point, but nothing which detracted from the story itself. This is indeed a fun text based game. By the end you left me wanting more from the story, more about the lightning, and more about what I believe is perhaps a robot Sam. I would definitely consider this more of a romance just because most of the text was based around the relationship, however perhaps that could change with a bit more of script writing. The blue and red lightning was a nice mysterious touch, I just wish there was a bit more! But as is, this was wonderful. The only thing I might have changed is adding some ambient music and sound effects that could help immerse players even more. Such a wonderful little game, I hope you finish this so I can as well!


Thank you so much for playing my game! And thanks for the amazing video!! I really liked the tone you used and the music and rain effects are stuff I wish I had put in the game! In fact, I think I'll add some ambiance right now.  I wasn't sure if this was game I wanted to keep working on, but after the reception I've gotten so far I am definitely motivated to keep working on it! As a side note about Sam, I kind of envisioned them as being non-binary which is why I used they/them pronouns for most of it. Thanks again for the video, it really means a lot to me! :D