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PAIRIDAEZA is a romance between two noblemen, set in Medieval Iraq - at the very end of the Golden Age of Islam.  The player plays as Ridwan, a courtier from Anatolia in a secret relationship with Jafar, the son of the Caliph.  Players will explore themes of history, culture, religion, and love (and wine), as they spend an eventful evening wooing the Prince of Baghdad.

Features multiple endings. Made for #Pride 2018.

Thank you so much for playing my game! And thanks for the amazing video!! I really liked the tone you used and the music and rain effects are stuff I wish I had put in the game! In fact, I think I'll add some ambiance right now.  I wasn't sure if this was game I wanted to keep working on, but after the reception I've gotten so far I am definitely motivated to keep working on it! As a side note about Sam, I kind of envisioned them as being non-binary which is why I used they/them pronouns for most of it. Thanks again for the video, it really means a lot to me! :D  

In this rapidly changing world, find out what the "right" way to protest is.

Rayha’s Poem is a third person narrative platformer about a young girl running away to the mythical Fairyland to escape injustice.  Drawing on themes of South Asian folklore and contemporary social issues, Rayha’s Poem seeks to tell a tale that’s both out of, as well as a product of, its time – a narrative that melds the always-relevant curse of forced marriage with the eternal dream of a land free from woe.

This game was created as a year-long thesis project at the NYU Game Center.

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