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Oh hey, sweet, always awesome to hear about fellow Welsh devs! :D

I'm absolutely planning to get around to some profession icons for harvesting, crafting, etc. soon! I wanna do some more icons for games like Harvest Moon where you can upgrade all of your tools, do some more crops, fish, rods, bait, etc. so it's definitely on the cards.

Thanks so much for the kind words too! <3

awesome, thanks for the reply. Can't wait for the planned stuff then :) i'll definitely be using those as i'm planning on having some crafting also, might put some farming in it also.. not sure yet but it'll compliment the cooking if I do. Here's a link to some pictures of my game.     any hows, thanks for the reply. :)

Ooooh whoa, the game's looking really cool, I like what you've done with it! I hope dev goes well, and thanks again for your support. :D


ty :)