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Lets start with the obvious, it is a mega drive rom and that is fu#*$& impressive!

The gameplay it self is really simple, and really good. It has some minor bugs like bombs spawning inside coins, but its noticible and easy to avoid.

The concept is great for a mobile expirience, i put it on my handheld and played last night while waiting my coffe to get done, the coffe got done and i could not stop playing.

Now, beeing really nitpick, there is a problem in this version that is not present on the gameboy version, and that is graphical incocistence, for exemple, the bg has much smaller pixels than the fg (player, items, etc). This take out the beauty of the game. It would be better if all the sprites where remade like the bg was, but i know its just made for fun so this is not so serious as would be in a commercial game.

Well, the game is good, go check it out! Gonna finish off with my highscore, if anyone wanna beat me feel free to do so hahaha

it was 920 after ~15 min of play (idk if its gonna be readable)

Thank you for playing my game and for the constructive criticism


It was a pleasure, thank you for making the game!