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You play as the the witch of the forest. You have been terrorizing the villagers near by so the king decided to send his Royal Army. You going to show them why they shouldn't have enter your territory.

Nice game, maybe add some more obstacles or something that increase the difficulty after a while to avoid the game for getting monotonous

Nice idea but it was really hard to keep anyone alive

The game looks great. Some music could help the game

Nice idea. Short but fun

Nice idea. Very creative game, I have fun playing it

Nice and fun game

Nice game and looks great. Maybe add some way  to recover health

Cute art style

The game is hard but loved the ambiance and art style

Liked the art style. We some polish this game can be great

Great 3D game. Cute graphics and very fun to play

Thanks. Yeah, we still have a few things to polish.

Wow this game looks amazing!! Loved it

Very nice and original idea. Loved it

The wall jumping mechanic is great. After reading the comments I figured out how to do the big jump but then I didn't understand how to fight the big fire snake.

Great game, really polished. Loved the aesthetic

Nice idea and great aesthetic but the game feels slow

Nice game

Nice game with great art style

Great way of using the theme. The game looks great but I felt overwhelm very quickly with so many sheets

Great game. Original concept and it looks amazing

The controls are clunky but the game looks amazing. Love the art style

Linux version not working because missing pck file. Seems like we had similar ideas lol

It would be nice to have more way to block the hero. And yes, the hero's movement seems random


Thanks. Yeah, the deadline catch us before we could add the last touches.

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Hi. I'm relatively new with Godot but I have made some games that you can check on my profile. I Made team with another programmer and I'm looking for someone that could help us with the art. If you are interested contact me on Discord Rafagars#3900

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More a demo than a full game. You have to survive every wave of enemies that spawn every 10 seconds. At the 10th wave you fight the boss.

Thanks. I add those issues to the list of things I have to fix or polish after the jam

Nice game

Amazing and very fun game, the concept is really cool 

Nice game

Amazing and very polish game, the sneeze mechanic is great

Great game with a nice concept.

Love your game, it is really fun and made me laugh a lot.

Nice and really original concept. I suck at this game but nevertheless it deserve a great rating. Great work

Great concept, the minigames are great, polished and really fun


Nice game. I like the concept even when it feel like it take more that 10 seconds to charge.