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I want to be able to say I like your game. I want to be able to say it was very well done and it resonated with me (it did). But I just can't. Your portrayal of therapy and medication is just plain harmful. It perpetuates this idea that medication is fake or doesn't work. That you can just power through the sadness with enough willpower but that's just not real. If you can go without therapy or meds then great. But for others it's a life saver. Those medications aren't magical happy pills pushed to people to replace an actual solution. They balance out the many chemicals that can make you depressed because you'e been sad for so long your brain pumps it in because it think that's normal. The meds are there to help put your system back in place in conjuntion with therapy and support from people you care about. Not everyone needs them or therapy no. But the stigma behind them and therapy helps lead down the hole this story ends with in most endings. It's a stigma perpetuated by the happy pills mentality and honestly it's sad to see from an otherwise great story that really is familir to anyone who's gone through this. 


I feel like you believe the happy pills are anti-depressants. Nowhere did I say that. Nowhere, either, did I say that the main character was depressed. The pills could be opiods or xanax. All I said they did was purportedly 'take the pain away'.  Also, I personally have had shitty experiences with medical professionals. This game is based off of my experiences. If meds work for you, great. This game is a personal story - a case study.


Hey fella, they're just expressing their opinion, no need to sound so defensive <3


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Why is it you think this story reflects how the actual world is like? This is the experience the CHARACTER is living, albeit in this deformed surrealistic view of her world, and nowhere does the game state this is what every therapist is like, nor does it state that medication is inherently bad. You seem to think that this kind of media should always portray the "good parts" of everything, why though? There HAVE been shitty therapists prescribing shitty pills to people who didn't need them thus worsening the situation, this is the case here, that's it.