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A really cool Idea and I can't wait to see the full game. However I did notice a few things. Idk why but sometimes my equiped axe would stop responding to my controls. Also at about 18:36 in my video a wierd replicating glitch happened and my axe dissapeared and my torch kept repeating it's self over and over, as well as causing an audio glitch. Also I hope there will be a system of mabey making mobile hearths or someway of traveling farther from the starting hut. I would really like to be able to explore without needing to always run back to the hut to refule. Also i am aware of food. I am just suggesting something like a mini hearth to fully repenish energy. Sorry for the long post I really enjoyed the game and just wanted to give you my oppinion. I know you guys are working hard so keep it up!!

Thanks so much for the feedback - we're going to be sending out an update in a few weeks that addresses the axe glitch and a few others.  The mobile hearth thing is also being discussed.  

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Thanks for taking the time to read my post. I really enjoyed playing and I can't wait to see the finished game!!!!