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Hey, thanks for playing!  Sorry for the delay in response.
At this point we are not working on the game in any consistent capacity.   We'll make an announcement if that changes.

Thanks for playing!!!

Thanks so much for the feedback - we're going to be sending out an update in a few weeks that addresses the axe glitch and a few others.  The mobile hearth thing is also being discussed.  

Hey, thanks for the feedback!  All of those ideas have been kicked around - we're still figuring out our scope for the full game. 

Thanks! <3

Hey, so minimum Mac spec (based on what we developed on...) is 2015 2.7 GHz i5 Mac; 8 GB RAM; Intel Iris graphics card; 64-Bit OS.  Runs a bit slow at times, even on modest graphics settings.  We're working on optimizing it for this level of a machine.

Minimum Windows spec is unknown, I know it runs on 64-bit Windows 10.  We got all our footage at Max settings on a mid-spec VR-ready machine - Intel i5 6500 3.2 GHz, 16 GB RAM, GeForce GTX 1070.   

If you can/can't get it to run, please let me know so we can update the page with more detailed info.  Many thanks!

Thanks for the feedback!  We've tried out a few different ways of picking things up, and are still trying to get it smoother.  Really rewarding to see people enjoying the game :)  We should have an update soon!

Thanks for playing!  Really appreciate it - lets plays are very useful to us right now.  We might quote you on "freaky Minecraft with good graphics," haha.

Hey Daniel! Thanks for playing.  You can send questions - I'll post them to our slack channel so the team can respond.

thank you so much for playing!  yeah - we need to make shift-click more obvious.  we're hoping to push a quality-of-life update within a few weeks.