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hey there! I think this game, from the music to the characters to the gameplay itself, is a great charming gem of a world that I wish at the very least had 40 reviews on steam. a lot of love must have gone into it and it shows!

in fact I like it so much I speedran it this last week+ and you should know it still rules to play even in just 20 minutes. I think you'll like(?) how Tanuki Town (aside from a lil lapse in judgment at the end) and especially Giri Giri look in their current forms. aside from one other person's run 3 years ago there is no community unfortunately but with any luck the world at large will catch on one day. thanks again for a sweet game!


Oh wow, this speedrun is amazing! The skip in Giri Giri Pass was unexpected but very clever how you got under the crate to use the pushable object jump bug . I also hope one day there's a community, I really want to see a lowest coin total run. But thank you so much for playing the game.