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I have played raft around 15 hours on just one world and I want a few things to be added

A rudder would be nice

Fall damage introduced

multiple sharks during an event like storms or such

adding fences or rope fences to slopes aka roofs to make ramps with sides on them

some sort of boss (megalodon, whale shark)

Propulsion against the wind or multiple sails working

Better ax for more resorces collected from everything you can hit normally like destroying boat

When shark destroys a foundation planks and plastic put into ocean where foundation died at

No more shark eating middle of the boat

Fishing net like the net to catch drifting loot but for catching fish or something to raise fish like a spawn pit/net, or an auto fisher (fishing pole on chair)

Better shark bait or a shark bait that hurts shark (poison,explodes,spikey,etc)

stackable stacks, So I want to be able to get a stack of stones build a barrel and put them in it like a chest but for only 1 resorce and tons more storage space than chest. Compressing items so to speak for late game (I have a chest full of ropes and one of leafs and Im only on like day 20)

Harvestable abondoned camps (so where there is a crate on a raft or island/underwater being able to use a tool and harvest the walls or high value ex. scarecrow the crate is nice but I feel its too convienent for a survival game

A way to split the raft into 2 peices or something like that for multiplayer and a way like ropes and wenches to put them back together (the seperation should be designated like having a sail to not break like it does now to make the seperation proper)

For bigger rafts a zipline would make traveling fun and fast

I agree with a lot of your suggestions. I feel like the shark eating the middle of the raft HAS TO GO! The shark should only eat the edges of a raft. I also think a Zip line would be really fun to add as well as an upgraded axe. Fall damage will most likely be added in the future, for realism, and I hope they do add it for the games sake. Lastly, A boss fight would be pretty cool to see, it can get pretty boring just fighting sharks and birds. Plus 1 from me!