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I agree with a lot of your suggestions. I feel like the shark eating the middle of the raft HAS TO GO! The shark should only eat the edges of a raft. I also think a Zip line would be really fun to add as well as an upgraded axe. Fall damage will most likely be added in the future, for realism, and I hope they do add it for the games sake. Lastly, A boss fight would be pretty cool to see, it can get pretty boring just fighting sharks and birds. Plus 1 from me!

(Suggestions for the early access)

- Boat Motor: This Boat Motor can be placed on the edge of a raft and would work with the sail mechanic. Instead of using a paddle, you can use the boat motor. To use it turn it on (when a battery is in it) and your raft will start to go faster in the direction your raft or sail is pointed. To craft this, you would need: 1x Battery, 4x Bolt, 6x Scrap, 2x Rope, and 4x Iron Ingot. It would take a lot due to it being so OP and it would need a constant change of batteries.

- Island Shipwrecks: Island Shipwrecks can be randomly generated near or on giant to medium sized islands. In it it would contain a loot box like a raft or island would, but would contain better and rare loot. Maybe like vine Goo, Smelted Ingots, etc. The ship would be guarded by an additional shark, due to the insode loot of the ship being so good, making it where you would have 2 sharks on your tail so you would have to work towards getting the rare loot.

- Scuba Mask: A scuba mask would lighten up the underwater view better making it easier to see. It could be used to go deep sea diving so you can see what your doing and whats around you. To craft it you would need: 2x rope, 4x Vine Goo, 6x Plastic, 2x glass.

- Chef Hat: Now this item may seem a bit silly, but hear me out. While me and my friend were goofing off, playing the game, we made a kitchen area. We were talking and came up with this cool fun idea. There should be a Chef hat you can wear, like the shark head, but in order to get it you have to go fishing. When you go fishing, sometimes you pull up a rare item like a lucky cat, candle bottle, etc. When you go fishing, there should be a super rare chance that when you pull up your rod, you get the chef hat, and you can wear it around.