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I have a few questions for gameplay. I'm in combat, and I roll 2 d4 for two enemies. If they both hit me, do I receive the damage listed on the enemy page? IE, Lizard, 3 dmg, 3 hits, so that would be 9 damage? Or, since I have a shield, can I use that to negate the damage from the lizard altogether? How do I use mutations? Are they a once per day/incarnation kind of thing?
For the dagger, it allows me to reroll 1's, does that mean on the initial 2d4 for those enemies? So I have a chance to hit them? Or is there some attack roll after the initial d4s that I need to do?

I'm enjoying this delve a lot so far, but I'm a bit stuck on these specifics! I'm sure I'll have more questions later :X

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heyo! thanks for playing the game. i’ll try to answer your questions as best i can:

1: yes, that would mean that each enemy hits you

2: dmg would be the damage they deal to you! hits are how many hits it takes to defeat the enemy

3: with a shield you can remove one of the d4s, negating the damage from one of the enemies

4-5: some mutation have a number in brackets (like: lasers (4)). this is the amount of stamina you have to spend to use this mutation once. if a mutation doesnt have any number next to it, it is applied either always or based on its requirements (which can be once per day or in a certain situation)

6-7: with the dagger you can reroll the attack d4s if you roll a 1, giving you a higher chance to hit the enemies

8: no attack roll after the initial d4 is necessary! each round should be: roll d4s -> see if you hit or if enemies hit -> apply damage to yourself, or reduce hits of the enemies

feel free to ask follow ups! i’m always looking for ways to clarify the rules in future revisions <3