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The aesthetics and story was inventive and fun. I really liked this experience!

the vibe is so good. peaceful and challenging too (but no reward except the making)

no answer means no. it's an odd  thing to ask when the creator has chosen not to offer community copies in the first place.

hiya, the website in this description links to a phishing site now! Might want to double-check it's not referenced on other comics too!

This is really great! I love how much is communicated with the text, that there's only one line makes it super impactful. Thank you for sharing!

the horsyclopedia will clear this up

is that you bill gates

a beautiful little experience. thank you!!

cuteeeeee. the storyline and characters are so sweet and fun :)

tender, expanding, lovely

I love this! The concept is super neat, and is humorous in the monstrosity that poems out of context create :D

me: oh i can handle this cw
also me: OH NO

there was like 10 seconds left on the timer!! proud of myself lmao

Hi there, what info do you have that you cannot get a mortgage after a certain age? In the US it is illegal to discriminate based on age. 

Your situation sounds complex and hard. I wish you the best of luck.

Is the base Mothership game required for this setting?

Congrats!! Thanks for sharing your work with us, good luck for the future!!

This solo game is pretty great! The layout is clean and the art is effective, and I like the mechanism of the roll tables and the map. John Hardy ran from a pack of wolves, got beaten up by a hobo 3 times, and was ultimately downed by a punk in the street. RIP. 

I really appreciated this year-end reflection. I burnt it in my kitchen sink. Thank you.


oh no i just realized i can hold down the clicker XD

The game works as intended! The mechanism of clicking the extractor to fill it is slow, so the extractor works at a much greater pace than I am capable of clicking. If I click too fast it doesn't pick up every click. I think it might be a better effective clicker game if the extractor auto-filled, and I just had to press spacebar to fill the honey pots.  Would love to see little achievements for $$$ levels. Overall good functionality for the short jam time though!!

this is a lovely little reminder. Thank you for making this.

I have a few questions for gameplay. I'm in combat, and I roll 2 d4 for two enemies. If they both hit me, do I receive the damage listed on the enemy page? IE, Lizard, 3 dmg, 3 hits, so that would be 9 damage? Or, since I have a shield, can I use that to negate the damage from the lizard altogether? How do I use mutations? Are they a once per day/incarnation kind of thing?
For the dagger, it allows me to reroll 1's, does that mean on the initial 2d4 for those enemies? So I have a chance to hit them? Or is there some attack roll after the initial d4s that I need to do?

I'm enjoying this delve a lot so far, but I'm a bit stuck on these specifics! I'm sure I'll have more questions later :X

these are really great little experiences. really well considered and thoughtful.

I feel a little silly for not realizing the preview image was the whole thing, but I don't regret the $1. Thanks!

CUTE. :3 I kawaii'd all the dogs

Aaaa, this was really great!! Really enjoyed the writing and the mechanism, very unique.

Very simple, fun pictures. Thank you for sharing <3

Incredibly satisfying game. Thank you!! Can't wait for the full game.

very soft and good thank you

This game is so wonderful!!!! I love the art style and the story is engaging. I haven't finished my storyline yet but I'm in love.

very relatable. I love your artwork! For me, it helps to know different hobbies can still feed into things that might come in useful someday, but also maybe not! Sometimes hobbies are just hobbies. Nice work finishing your zine

I like this! Mushrooms are great :) Thanks for sharing!

Ahh this is so fun. I love how you designed the examples, it's art on it's own!!! Also hedgehogs are great!

I really enjoyed reading your zine! Love the layout and the game reviews are interesting and I liked your take on the up-and-coming games. Thanks for making this, I'll be following your work!

I had such a great time playing this VN! I only played fully through one storyline, but I thought the characters were cute and the art is *chef kiss*. The dialogue works for each character and I especially like the options for the main character.   This game has a lot of great potential!!!!

this is really a delight. I love the art and the message. Really good

yesss this is so good! I love the border and the v i b e s. Wonderful!

thank you for this delightful gift!! I was on the "true story" train for the first bit as well hehehe. i love how the setting starts on the flooded roof.

Love the colors. Cute lil game. Thanks for makin'!