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I thought this game would be slightly easier...but it wasn't. It was so friggin hard. I loved the music though.

Ha ha, thanks for the funny play through. I enjoyed watching that. It made me cringe a few times though. "No, why does he go there? Again? Why? Why doesn't he just do X?"

Btw, the fact that you can skip a level in the level selection menu is by design, to reflect the game's difficulty. At least there will not be a single level that blocks your progress. There are always two levels you can try to beat in order to unlock a new one.

Anyway, I will pass the compliments wrt to the music on to my brother, who composed the tracks. Happy to hear you at least enjoyed that part.

Well, I did enjoy all of it. It was just REALLY hard. I know there's like a pattern that you have to figure out but I just couldn't do it. Overall, if I'm being a serious adult, it is a well crafted game definitely intended by hardcore gamers. Me, I tend to take things a bit loosey goosey though and just have fun. Overall, very impressive. And I love Pico-8 games.