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A member registered Jun 28, 2017

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I failed and didn't find the treasure and then I rage quit. In that order.

This is just as hardAWESOMEfrustratingAMAZING as the 1st one. Hopefully I can finish this one. M

ight have to try easy mode.

This game was perfect. I just got rid of my dog and now I have to find a dog. Wth. Anyways, very creepy and damn near impossible at the end. But cool.

Pretty sure I did worse on this game than any other I've played. Insanely hard but addicting as hell.

Good first game. Certainly handles very well. And the enemies were very creative.

I gave it another try. Got a bit further this time.

This game got hard fast. Not sure if it's cause I played on a small screen but I got my ass kicked.

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This game was so hard. I probably got to level 7.

Hey, good video about a guy sounding drunk. Here's the last bit of it as well. 

I so wanted this game  to be longer.  Awesome environment and atmosphere.

This is a cool game. Runs well. And I loved that boss at the end.

Created a new topic Sucking at this game

Thought I'd play this and soon discovered how bad I was at it.

Strange little game you got here. Very cool art style though.

This was a lot more puzzling than I was anticipating, but a cool demo. The hand part did end my run tho.

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This game was intense.

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Fun little game about me being awesome, and other stuff.

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First time playing this little gem. Very fun.

I don't think I did a very good job at this game. I blame the wine though.

I was literally your 100th supporter. I'm probably good luck. Hope it works out for you guys.

So I played this and did some Spider Man shit and killed weeble people and pretty much had a good day, Your welcome btw.

Very cool concept.

This game is intense and hard but I actually did it.

This was a crazy game. Probably shouldn't be played after wine. But, it's also a very good game.

I have started my journey into Space Child as Tyler, kicking balls and debating mushroom names.

I had a lot of fun playing this. And I like the style.

I'm quite sure I failed this game. But I did so in the most awesome way possible.

I played this last night after a few drinks. Probably made it harder, haha. Very fun game though.

Loved it when they exploded. Next time, make a game where everyone explodes all the time. No matter what.

This was a really fun game to play. I hope you all the best in making this game a reality.

This game went from 0 to fucking a million in no time. And I loved it. Can't wait for the full version.

This is a cool little game. You should run with it, really play with the spear throwing in a full game.

My very first speed run! This time, Nakawak, the color version. Love this game.

Created a new topic Lets Play

I played this game and you didn't so watch me.

Played as Yogi Bear (I think) and killed some stuff. Not a bad way to start the day. Keep it up.

Just did. I'll post a link on your game page.

Created a new topic Demo Playthrough

I loved this game guys. Keep  it up.

Had a good time playing this one. Great graphics and nice gameplay. I did go to -200 health though.

And here is my lets play. This game is nuts but awesome.

And part 2 of my lets play, in which Kurt Russell is discussed at length.