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What a weird game. I love it.

Loved this game so much, i thought I'd spread the word on this studio's other game. Not MiniDoom 1, but Killumination. You can play the game in the link below. Keep up the good work guys. Look forward to more.

Killumination Game

Created a new topic Lets Play

I did have some issues playing this game, most notably falling through the world, but like I say in my video, I do think that's because I'm working on an older computer. That aside, I did love the graphics and assortment of guns at his disposal. I can't wait to see how this game progresses as you continue to develop it.

I thought this would be a relaxing game today...I hate you. I mean, the game is really fun and cool but I got like +25 par or some crap like that. Why  must this parallel my real life golf skills!

I think it's just me not knowing what type of game this is or how to play it. One of my subscribers literally walked me through how these games are played after watching  so yeah, I probably shouldn't have been just spamming on enemies to kill them. Truly a great looking game and I hope to replay it down the line when I've played a few more of these.

Yes, I do have an atrocious computer so I tend to blame any game's speed performances on myself. Hope that will change soon. Loved the game though.

Created a new topic Miss Lovett's Meat Pies

I feel like I had to sprint the whole time I played this game. That aside, the aesthetics and atmosphere were really impressive. You really felt immersed in the experience. Even when I found Miss Lovett's meat pies and tried to talk to Johny.

I played and did a very bad job. I would've liked to have gone far but I did not see the 'this person sucks at most things' difficulty setting so I could not. 

I have done it...I have finally done it! Whew...that was hard. Good game. Awesome game. Keep it up guys. 

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Fun little game about meeting Jeff Goldblum. Very Alien Isolation like.

This was a lot harder than I thought, or it's one more example of how bad at video games I am. Either way, it was fun.

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This game is awesome. Fully fleshed out, I'd definitely pay money for this. 

The Abyss is just one boss fight after another boss fight after another boss fight. I hate everyone.

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Still a great game, only more so now. I loved the added games and you definitely fixed up a few things from before, like the guitar hero section and changing the castles up.

Keep it up guys.

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This was nice. I got to hang out with Joe and Nosferatu and some jerk under the bed who has a vacuum mouth.

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This was fun. Reliving my childhood days. It's good to see I still suck at baseball.

I played and lost and now I'm writing a letter to my congressman.  Or the tree outside. Or somebody. Just so you know.

So many technical difficulties today (on my end), but I did make the spider boss look like my b***ch 3 times. For the most part.

I had a good time reliving some of my Splinter Cell moments during this game. Haha. Very fun though. Keep it up.

Cool game. You should def expand it.

This was a fun little game that made me rethink killing those shopkeepers in Morrowind so long ago. Poor people. Just dealing with crack addicted ducks.

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This is exactly why I stay away from farms and all manner of places that have greenery on the outside. Dangerous places.

My quest continues...

This was good as a mini-game, it could be better as a whole game. Make it happen. I'll wait.

I'm intrigued

and want more. Fix everything, make the whole game, then get in touch with my secretary who isn't real at the moment, but could be. Eventually. Till then sir, I concur.

This series has become a quest now, a bloody hard quest.

I played a bit of this today. First time with a game of this nature. I didn't read it line by line because that would be crazy but it was a fun time all in all.

Very cool game with a unique style. I love the art in this game. Congrats on hitting your goal in Kickstarter.

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I'm just now looking at the screenshots on this page. How the hell do I get to the Wolfenstein, Megaman and Metroid(?) levels! Plus, there are angry looking Mario things on the overworld.  

Love that you guys keep striving to do new things. I mean, who else would have thought up a game where you play as a chicken alien baby trying to get back to your mother? ;)

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I played this game and definitely did not cheat.

I can't believe I beat this past level. This game is crazy hard but I refuse to lose.

I failed. My farmers are jerks and idiots. Cool game though.

This game is so much fun. I await part 2. I'm thinking a few days, right?

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Really creepy game. Loved it.

I have succeeded in passing two more levels. Video me. And beer me. In that order.

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Love this style of game. Great Jam.


This guy totally Sigma-ed me like 8 times. And Hard Mode doesn't count when I beat it originally so yeah, I'm awesome. Good game.

I failed and didn't find the treasure and then I rage quit. In that order.

This is just as hardAWESOMEfrustratingAMAZING as the 1st one. Hopefully I can finish this one. M

ight have to try easy mode.