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In between the lines, we see a stick man desperately trying to get out of the hospital to get his next drug fix.

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I played and did pretty bad. But, it was cool walking through the Simpson household. 

This was harder than I thought but a cool different game.

Fun little game.

This game was fun but those stair jumps were beyond frustrating, haha. Other than that, it was quick and clever. Hope to see it expanded further.

Really shoud've read the instructions before playing this game, but it was still a fun play.

I loved everything about this game except for the jumping situation. Thought it was a little delayed. Apart from that, the game was awesome.

I just now saw that bug about the boss being unbeatable because yeah, he is. Other than that, this was a fun little metroidvania.

This game was so hilariously awesome that I didn't want it to stop. There should be so much more to do.

Loved the art in this game. Very clever as well.

I'm not sure why I sucked at this game. I'm usually very good with platformers, or, able to pass them slightly. Got my ass kicked today. You bested me,

good person.

I wanted this game to be longer. It's really cool. Somehow, I f'ed up the audio in my video so it's not syncing perfectly but I had a great time with this game and decided to post it anyway.

Very fun pico-8 game. Love that your armor and clothes update in game. 

This is pretty fun. Usually don't go for these types of games but I'm getting into it. Prob do a few more videos, pending on how long the demo is. Keep up the good work.

Had a good time playing this. And I didn't mention Kevin Costner once! Probably should've. That would've seemed relevant.

Very cool game you got. I almost beat the first guy. Literally, so friggin close...

I have no idea what I just played but it was enjoyable.

This game was probably designed for computers not made in 1999, but I gave it a shot. Here's to hoping I upgrade soon. Very cool looking game though guys.

And so I played this game while me and my baby commented. Honestly though, this kinda broke what I thought was possible with Pico-8 games. Very cool game.

I thought the game was good. Looking forward to when the full thing is released. Keep up the good work.

Harder than I thought, but I did drink some wine beforehand...still a very fun game, addicting enough to make me play while waiting for the video to upload. (Finally beat my score too)

I did the art on this game and so made a video of the demo. My computer sucks but when I played, it ran smoothly without any frame rate

issues. Its' just when I recorded it, it got bad. That being said, I'm very proud of this game were putting together and would love to hear from others.

Cool demo. Hope you keep it up. It's got a very cool look.

Didn't get to use the last two zombies! Damn. Fun little game though with lots of room for expansion.

I got past a few levels. Circle bit threw me for a loop though. 

Really looking forward to the full release of this game. Very impressive.

What an addicting game. Too bad I didn't beat it till after the recorder was off...haha.

I think this could be fleshed out into a full game, complete with airships, and hookers, and nemotoads. And other things...perhaps.

This was a challenging game. So much so that I did not beat it. Think I got to level 6 or something and then I had no idea what to do with that arrow box in the corner. Very cool game though. Good luck on Kickstarter.

Very unique game that kind of blends the different gametypes in it better than most other titles so that it feels like they go together.

Quick creepy game. Really liked the mix of gameplay. Keep it up.

I had some issues with the tentacle...mainly, it acted like it was on drugs. I do love the concept for the game by that arm was really really fast and uncontrollable

in my play.

I tried and failed to find dead bodies, coffins, crypts, and other such things. Probably not the type of game for that. But, it was enjoyable to muck about in. Interesting to see where this goes. 

I learned a lot about robbing people in this game. Very informative. Thank you, good sir.