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A member registered Jun 28, 2017

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Played as Yogi Bear (I think) and killed some stuff. Not a bad way to start the day. Keep it up.

Just did. I'll post a link on your game page.

Created a new topic Demo Playthrough

I loved this game guys. Keep  it up.

Had a good time playing this one. Great graphics and nice gameplay. I did go to -200 health though.

And here is my lets play. This game is nuts but awesome.

And part 2 of my lets play, in which Kurt Russell is discussed at length.

Am I able to change the format with my save progress in tact?

This was a really fun play. Hope you hit your target man. Keep up the good work.


This game is brutal and awesome. Gonna try to do multiple videos on this, if I can make it. Keep up the good work guys.

this is like the hardest game i've ever played. I hate you people. :)

I did it! took forever, but I found them all.


Short but awesome game.

And for anyone who doesn't want to see a boss fight, I present my play through.

And my lets play. I love this game. Awesome job guys.

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My playthrough of the first level. Very cool game.

Created a new topic Doing a lets play

I thought it was a cool game. Did not expect those turrets to be as savage as they were though.

Really fun game. Didn't do a speedrun as much as I did a two part epic. Keep up the good work.

Very cool game. keep it up

Tried this game out. Very fun.

Created a new topic Doing a lets play

I did a little video series on this game.

awesome game. I did get a fatal error that crashed the game on level 7 tho. gonna try it again later, hope it doesn't happen again

figured it out. cool game