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I played this after cold medicine and didn't get too far. At one point I was Boxy Brown, and then I Cubebert.

Harder than I thought, but I did drink some wine beforehand...still a very fun game, addicting enough to make me play while waiting for the video to upload. (Finally beat my score too)

I did the art on this game and so made a video of the demo. My computer sucks but when I played, it ran smoothly without any frame rate

issues. Its' just when I recorded it, it got bad. That being said, I'm very proud of this game were putting together and would love to hear from others.

Cool demo. Hope you keep it up. It's got a very cool look.

Didn't get to use the last two zombies! Damn. Fun little game though with lots of room for expansion.

I got past a few levels. Circle bit threw me for a loop though. 

Really looking forward to the full release of this game. Very impressive.

What an addicting game. Too bad I didn't beat it till after the recorder was off...haha.

I think this could be fleshed out into a full game, complete with airships, and hookers, and nemotoads. And other things...perhaps.

Enjoyed the demo. Keep it going. Glad to see your making a game again.

This was a challenging game. So much so that I did not beat it. Think I got to level 6 or something and then I had no idea what to do with that arrow box in the corner. Very cool game though. Good luck on Kickstarter.

Very unique game that kind of blends the different gametypes in it better than most other titles so that it feels like they go together.

Quick creepy game. Really liked the mix of gameplay. Keep it up.

I had some issues with the tentacle...mainly, it acted like it was on drugs. I do love the concept for the game by that arm was really really fast and uncontrollable

in my play.

I did have some issues seeing the menus on a smaller resolution but I highly enjoyed the game and would love to give it another go. It's like a bloodier Viking like Minecraft.

I tried and failed to find dead bodies, coffins, crypts, and other such things. Probably not the type of game for that. But, it was enjoyable to muck about in. Interesting to see where this goes. 

I learned a lot about robbing people in this game. Very informative. Thank you, good sir.

I took it upon myself to beat this game. I didn't beat it. But I did probably do better than anyone else who will ever play this game. As long as they don't get past level 7. 

This game was crazy. And awesome. Loved it.

I'm really digging these Pico-8 games and yours is another worthy addition. This game was actually really fun without getting too frustrating. Keep it up.

Scatteria community · Created a new topic I found my ghost

Did a let's play just to get the feel of the game and check out the art and guns when I ran across my ghost! Awesome, probably bug, but still made the afternoon that much more interesting. Like the overall look and control of the game. 

If anyone wants to see how this game plays in small window mode on a crappy computer, check out my video, haha...oh man. Fun little game with cool creatures though. Would love to see the weapons and monsters integrated

into a full game though.

I thought I'd make a video about me playing this because waffles are awesome and saving them is my priority in life. Wasn't the case today...

What a crazy awesome game. You definitely need some SFX and music as I was getting annoyed of my own voice, haha, but you got a solid start of something.

Just stumbled on this today. Then just realized it was an older game jam entry. Oh well, still a lot of fun and challenging throughout. That damn mustache man at the end is a bad man. I hate him. Keep up the good work guys.

I don't understand why no one else has hit on the fact that Daisy is literally making your character drink from a toilet in this game. Am I just taking crazy pills or what is going on here?! Seriously, deranged girl. 

Fun little demo though. It was like a game called Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion, but with good graphics. And intended for adults. And not cartoony. So I guess it doesn't remind me of that game at all. I'm done. Keep it up guys.

I completely mastered this game, minus the master part. So I 'ed this game. Played, I guess is the right word. I do love the potential of it though, it's like a freaky Minecraft with good graphics.

Well, I did enjoy all of it. It was just REALLY hard. I know there's like a pattern that you have to figure out but I just couldn't do it. Overall, if I'm being a serious adult, it is a well crafted game definitely intended by hardcore gamers. Me, I tend to take things a bit loosey goosey though and just have fun. Overall, very impressive. And I love Pico-8 games.

I thought this game would be slightly easier...but it wasn't. It was so friggin hard. I loved the music though.

What a weird game. I love it.

Loved this game so much, i thought I'd spread the word on this studio's other game. Not MiniDoom 1, but Killumination. You can play the game in the link below. Keep up the good work guys. Look forward to more.

Killumination Game

NUTZ community · Created a new topic Lets Play

I did have some issues playing this game, most notably falling through the world, but like I say in my video, I do think that's because I'm working on an older computer. That aside, I did love the graphics and assortment of guns at his disposal. I can't wait to see how this game progresses as you continue to develop it.

I thought this would be a relaxing game today...I hate you. I mean, the game is really fun and cool but I got like +25 par or some crap like that. Why  must this parallel my real life golf skills!

I think it's just me not knowing what type of game this is or how to play it. One of my subscribers literally walked me through how these games are played after watching  so yeah, I probably shouldn't have been just spamming on enemies to kill them. Truly a great looking game and I hope to replay it down the line when I've played a few more of these.

Yes, I do have an atrocious computer so I tend to blame any game's speed performances on myself. Hope that will change soon. Loved the game though.

I feel like I had to sprint the whole time I played this game. That aside, the aesthetics and atmosphere were really impressive. You really felt immersed in the experience. Even when I found Miss Lovett's meat pies and tried to talk to Johny.

I played and did a very bad job. I would've liked to have gone far but I did not see the 'this person sucks at most things' difficulty setting so I could not. 

I have done it...I have finally done it! Whew...that was hard. Good game. Awesome game. Keep it up guys. 

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Fun little game about meeting Jeff Goldblum. Very Alien Isolation like.

This was a lot harder than I thought, or it's one more example of how bad at video games I am. Either way, it was fun.