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Thanks. I may indeed bump the speed a bit. Note, next to player experience, the speed also impacts the load on the backend, and indirectly the hosting cost. However, given the game's current and foreseeable popularity, I don't think I have to worry about hosting cost! ;-)

Bumble Bots Re-Pair is a challenging action puzzle PICO-8 game. The  game is a spin off of this year's Global Game Jam, where the theme was "repair". Extend (repair) the tracks using the provided tiles so that the bots can be re-united (re-paired) before they run off the track.

Bumble Bots now has touch support. It's based on the template you suggested, but also customized. Thanks again for the suggestion!

Ha ha, thanks for the funny play through. I enjoyed watching that. It made me cringe a few times though. "No, why does he go there? Again? Why? Why doesn't he just do X?"

Btw, the fact that you can skip a level in the level selection menu is by design, to reflect the game's difficulty. At least there will not be a single level that blocks your progress. There are always two levels you can try to beat in order to unlock a new one.

Anyway, I will pass the compliments wrt to the music on to my brother, who composed the tracks. Happy to hear you at least enjoyed that part.


I will definitely follow up on your suggestions to support touch controls. It looks fairly straightforward, and nice to have the game playable on mobile devices as well.

Btw, I like your Bubble Pond game. It's an original puzzle idea, and quite challenging, which I like.