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A charming little game with plenty of mystery to it, A Tale of Paper proves to be a pretty fun play. While not all mechanics are immediately obvious, the game gives you plenty of space to roam and discover what does what rather than simply holding your hand, and I can appreciate that. It leaves a little to be desired on the audio side of things, though the chase music with the spider has a pretty rad beat going on.

Visually, I have no complains at all. Everything is well designed and works well to set the apparently dreary and potentially post apocalyptic tone of the game, while not coming off as a downer. (I could be mistaken on the apocalyptic thing. The radiation zones just have me thinking it.) I also thoroughly enjoy the subtle environmental storytelling through room decorations and the litter outside; it's good proof that not all games need a narrator telling you everything.

The controls feel a little sketchy at times, and playing with the gamepad didn't seem to have transformation buttons(unless I missed them), but this is some great work. Good job, devs.

Glad you enjoyed it :D! About the gamepad imputs, we'll uplad an update soon with gamepad compatibility and it should work fine!

Part 2/Ending!

A fun game with enjoyable mechanics that I could definitely see lending itself to gamepad controls very well. The only thing I would want more of from this is maybe story. I had a vague idea of what was going on...but only vague.