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Hi, I'm back with another load of requests :D

  • The value tag from the XML files is not added to the cost field in the compendium (once this works, please check whether importing the Sane Magical Prices XML works)
  • In the edit window of a compendium entry the text in the fields will be in front of other GUI elements
  • The fight Club XML files contains numeric character references ("—" , "•" etc). Epic GM does not yet interpret them correctly.
  • In longer initiative lists the view will jump back to whoever's turn it is, every time I make a change to a creature (reduce Hp,....). This can get annoying if I have to make changes to multiple creatures.

And finally:

  • Please add some way to automatically sync the resources folder via Cloud services

Hi, again thank you for the feedback :) 

We'll work those in eventually. Our main goal coincides with your last requests which is to build some sort of cloud/backend support. This is a new thing for us though, so this will take time to learn and develop.