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Interesting but in my case I did not enter the codes manually. I imported an XML file so I can't tell you why the codes did not get parsed properly. I have been using epicGM for quite a while already so maybe back when I first imported the XML file the parsing of these codes did not work properly or maybe something else is going on.

Sadly atm I can't test if resetting and reimporting the compendium would help because the file picker is broken in Linux.

I first imported the files in Windows and have since then just copied the compendium around/used Dropbox to sync it.

That would be awesome.

The &# ... special characters appear in all three of my compendiums. Is there special treatment of the monster compendium regarding character encoding?

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I understand your desire for using your own server but I would prefer some way to self host as your server or even Dropbox might disappear at some point. Peer to peer or a self hosted solution (e.g. via Nextcloud) seems more robust. Just food for thought ;)

While you are at it, in addition to &# 8226; (•) my compendium also contains &# 8217; (’) and &# 8212; (—). It would be awesome if you could add these characters as well.

Once again, thank you for your work.

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Regarding the group filter:

Yes, I can add a player to a group and that group name shows up in the filter. But actually selecting the group in the filter does nothing.

Unless I also enter something in the search field. Then I only see characters with the specified string that are in the selected group.

What I would expect is to see all characters from the group selected in the filter, even without using the search text field.

Another thing I noticed: In my compendium certain special characters are encoded in the following way "&# 8226;" (without the space, since itch apparently auto converts to the proper character). Would it be possible to show this as • ?

One more question: If you add map sharing, will this rely on a (your?) web server or are you going for a peer to peer structure?

Thanks a lot! I had a quick click-through and for the most part it seems to work fine and I can definitely use it in Linux. I noticed a couple of things though (In no particular order):

- There is a sound when clicking most buttons and there seems to be no way to disable it. I suspect that the sound would become annoying at the table during sessions

- When importing the compendium from Dropbox you need to first go to the import menu to login and then you need to go to a completely different menu to actually download the compendium. This seems rather counter intuitive.

- (Probably a Linux only problem) the file browser for local XML files and for images/maps appears to be non-functional. It doesn't show any files and the navigation arrows don't seem to do anything.

- (Probably a Linux only problem) The file browser for Dropbox seems to work for the most part except that the check mark in the upper right corner seems to be non functional

- In the combat tracker I would like it if multiple copies of the same monster would get a number to help differentiate them. Also it would be helpful if the corresponding token was highlighted (or had the same number).

- Please could you add a warning before deleting everything from the combat tracker?

- The group filter in the Player overview seems to be non functional.

- When making changes to a player the "Saved changes" messages appears multiple times

Changes would be highly appreciated, but I completely understand that especially the Linux-specific stuff is low priority. Thank you for your work.

Hi, could you again add a version for Linux please?

Nice, thank you. So far I found no problems with the release.

Yeah, I would be fine with that.

Is there a chance of a Linux release? It is a supported target in Unity after all, so it shouldn't be a huge problem I guess.

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Hi, I'm back with another load of requests :D

  • The value tag from the XML files is not added to the cost field in the compendium (once this works, please check whether importing the Sane Magical Prices XML works)
  • In the edit window of a compendium entry the text in the fields will be in front of other GUI elements
  • The fight Club XML files contains numeric character references ("—" , "•" etc). Epic GM does not yet interpret them correctly.
  • In longer initiative lists the view will jump back to whoever's turn it is, every time I make a change to a creature (reduce Hp,....). This can get annoying if I have to make changes to multiple creatures.

And finally:

  • Please add some way to automatically sync the resources folder via Cloud services

No, I have to thank you. ;) I can confirm that the latest release fixes the issue.

One more request though: Could you add a search bar to the compendium at the top level, so that I don't have to chose a category to search in? That would speed up searches when I know what I'm looking for.

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Wow that was quick. Thanks a lot. :)

Yes a field for player group would be perfect.

Well I'm not sure how to send you my Bestiary XML but I imported "CorePlusUnearthedArcana.xml" from  here. After I ran into problems, I deleted the Gavelsoft folder from Users\*\AppData\LocalLow and my installation folder and tried importing to a clean install -> same problem. So the only thing that was present before importing was the preinstalled stuff.


I just checked in 1.5.6 and the issue is still present.


I just poked around in version 1.5.5 and it looks great. You guys are doing awesome work.

I noticed a couple of things though:

- Importing an XML file for Fight Club is weird. After importing the file the monster tab in epicGM will only show the monsters from Aarakocra to Atropal even though the actual MyBestiaryCompendium.xml-file contains all the monsters. (Additionally the entire process seems pretty clunky.)

- Rolling initiative without the "One Initiative"-option doesn't add numbers to monsters of the same type. The numbers should be added just like with the option to make it easier to tell the monsters apart. (Also please think about adding 0000 to the first monster of a type for a more consistent look)

- Adding multiple monsters of the same type is clunky as Initiative opens automatically and then you have to go back to the monster list to add another one. Could you maybe add a slider to determine on how many monsters of a type to add to initiative?

-Please add a way to delete individual entries from the initiative list

- Please add a confirmation window to deleting the initative list

- Please add a way to organize the player list by groups

Nice! You guys are awesome :)

Hi, thank you for the answer. Yes I would prefer for each monster to have their own initiative count. For me personally this is the main reason to use a digital initiative tracker in the first place.

I can see however why you made the choice you did. So yes having an option would be awesome.

During my session yesterday I noticed that on the desktop version rolling initiative for multiple creatures of the same type always gives the same result for all of them.

Besides that the app remains to be an awesome tool

Great tool that will make my gming a lot more smooth! I do have a few suggestions to make it even better:

- Syncing via OneDrive (and similar); Creating content is far more comfortable on a computer

- Release as a UWP-App via the Microsoft Store for easy updates.

- Integration of external music players/spotify playlists

- Ability to add multiple maps at once and ability to change their order in the program

- A way to set advantage on initiative for the classes that get that feature

- Encounters per subsection

- Arrows and text boxes to set enemy amounts on a computer