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It seems I've been a little bit more busy on the coding the campaign currently

Camping!-I mean campaign!

It seems I have promised errors:


I also promised ... lets see here...memes!

Oh, wait, no. Settings and character customization with hats and different colours! From the colour of your gun to the colour of your tum tum!

Man, that was really hard. Even now the hat to face alignment isn't perfect. 😥

Now you can choose whether your mouse clicks shoot when you play and you can change the controls. This was about the time where I was implementing desktop stuff.

(Todo: change "Controls..." to "Key Maps" or "Key Config")

Speaking of key/controls configuration:

There it is!

Wow, from tracing back errors to character customization! That was a lot of work...Really! 

I guess I'm done for today,see you next time on ... EAT .. THAT ... M--oh, sorry, wrong place.

Next time: Whateber the star sees fit. -_-