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My friend and I had such a wonderful time playing your game. We ere enchanted by the subtle story line and the whimsical mechanics. We really couldn't find any fault with the game. During the encounter with the stairs, I had felt a check point system would have been helpful, but after looking over the footage from the video in editing, I realized it very much lends itself to the ideas of trial and tribulation. Anything that my friend and I discussed during the video as far as mechanics go would only be if you chose to enhance the game in the future, because personally, I found little fault in it whatsoever. =)
Overall, subtle and symbolic story, little bits of humor found in a solemn environment to relieve tension, fun mechanics that can sometimes get you into trouble, and a lovely ending that pulls at your heart. 
Thank you so much for this wonderful game!

Thank you for the kind words, we're really glad you enjoyed our game!