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Oh man I had so much fun with this game. Punching feels so satisfying, I just wish my fingers could move faster so I could keep punching that worm for even longer! I know this is an early game so you probably already have ideas for future updates but one thing stuck out to me: there is little to no punishment for waiting to verify if you are punching a innocent or a monster. At the beginning I felt like there was a punishment for waiting because it gives you the "GREAT", "OK", and "BAD" responses. But I realized there is basically no punishment for getting "OK" or "BAD" every time. So I ended up waiting to ensure I knew it was a monster before punching and I had maximum health the rest of my time. So my biggest feedback would be to make answering the door at different speeds have noticeable differences in your combat. Like answering the door with "GREAT" maybe you start with the monster stunned. Or answering "BAD" you lose health. But again, this is just some feedback because I enjoyed this game so much and would love to see it have lots more content!


Hello, thanks for the great feedback! 

The original idea for the rating system for landing pre-emptive punches on monsters is that they take more damage the faster you hit them. Ratings like GREAT and WOW! didn't make the cut for the jam deadline, but will likely be added in shortly. Fighting a tanky/dangerous enemy would be made a lot easier if you land a pre-emptive blow that takes a third of it's health!