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I liked this game a lot! I only have one small criticism: I wasn't sure I was getting any good shots as there is no indicator you really even collected a worthwhile shot unless you check the book, so maybe just informing the player or having some instruction to check the book would be good.

Also the difficulty of taking shots is very low, I never had to buy more film as there is no punishment for waiting on the ghost to get a good shot.

Again, I really liked this game and if more content came out I would absolutely play it again!

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Oh man I had so much fun with this game. Punching feels so satisfying, I just wish my fingers could move faster so I could keep punching that worm for even longer! I know this is an early game so you probably already have ideas for future updates but one thing stuck out to me: there is little to no punishment for waiting to verify if you are punching a innocent or a monster. At the beginning I felt like there was a punishment for waiting because it gives you the "GREAT", "OK", and "BAD" responses. But I realized there is basically no punishment for getting "OK" or "BAD" every time. So I ended up waiting to ensure I knew it was a monster before punching and I had maximum health the rest of my time. So my biggest feedback would be to make answering the door at different speeds have noticeable differences in your combat. Like answering the door with "GREAT" maybe you start with the monster stunned. Or answering "BAD" you lose health. But again, this is just some feedback because I enjoyed this game so much and would love to see it have lots more content!

Managed to get it to work, had to specify on Windows to use the 1650 Ti. Thanks for the help

I liked this game, at first I thought the small window was a bit annoying but as I played I realized the purpose of the window size. Cool game!

I put it in windowed mode, same issue. I snipped the command console and it was throwing errors so heres an image of that

Here are my specs, if you need more specific info let me know and Ill get it to you

This was cool, not really sure what happened but cool nonetheless!

I'm trying to run the game but not getting any visuals. I hear the audio but not getting video. I made sure to run both the install packages as well.

I enjoyed this game! If I could offer some criticism, the monster could be a bit more aggressive. I found it very easy to evade the monster. Also since the monster was lit up I could see him a mile away. If it felt more like he could be around any corner and I could get caught any time, that would add much more suspense. Either way I liked the game, keep it up!

Definitely like the concept but the difficulty is extremely unforgiving, probably had to restart 15+ times by now and still haven't got a clue where to go. Also having a quick reset button would be super helpful. Still a fun game and would be excited to play again if these issues were resolved!

So If I remember right we started next to our car and we got out to walk along the road? So maybe a short cutscene before we begin where the radio is playing and you hear a radio show talking about the local area. Maybe they mention how there is some old folk tales about a monster stalking the forest or maybe a person calls into the radio show and mentions how they saw the monster and got away? These are just some ideas of how you could integrate story into the game without doing the "paper with information randomly strewn about" thing.

Yeah so like we are walking along this road, but I don't know why we are here or any history about the area. In the end you mentioned the name of the character but I didn't even know if that was me since I didn't know anything about my character before I started. That sort of stuff makes the monster and world feel more alive and interesting.

For a first game its decent! Even if you want to make a short game, a little bit of explanation goes a long way to adding to the atmosphere

I'm not really sure what this was supposed to be. The gun doesn't do anything from what I could see. Why was the camera acting the way it did when I shot the gun? I think it would be cool if you do actually fight off nightmare creatures in your dreams but I don't think this was happening here. 

I think the concept where it feels like "The Thing" but on an oil rig in the ocean is really cool. I just wish that concept felt more fleshed out here. I don't really understand what the point of anything was. Why am I turning on lights in random areas of the rig when nobody is around to use them? Who are the crew I found and where did they go? Why are all of the systems failing? I think a lot could have been done here but it needs a lot more built up to deliver.

Enjoyed the simple nature of the game, only criticism would be that the flashlight felt completely useless since it only lit up my feet - and having a bit of context before starting would make the walk feel more meaningful. Other than that I liked it!

Had a bug where I made a mistake typing on the keypad but the image of the keypad wouldn't leave my screen. Also I don't think the "disable texture warp" option works. Other than these bugs I really enjoyed the tension that I was feeling. When I was walking through the warehouse with no sounds other than my feet and the occasional footstep (other than mine) I was really feeling my gut sink. Super excited to play again when some updates and bug fixes come out!

Decent little game. Felt a bit goofy with all the enemies coming seemingly from nowhere, and the amount of enemies was just weird. At one point I had a line of probably 10+ enemies chasing me. Also the boss at the end had an invisible wall that nearly got me killed. So decent game with some noticeable issues.

Really well done! Uncovering the story of this man was heartbreaking but eye-opening. 

Enjoyed the concept, wish I could have seen more of the bad guy! First game to actually give me a decent jump scare in a while, well done

Loved this game, that scared feeling you get when you turn the lights off at the bottom of the stairs hits hard here.

Cool I'll definitely play it again when the new update comes out!

Couldn't find the last digit, but fun little game. The ending was a bit underwhelming however

The part with the crawling had my heart racing! The sound of it crawling (much) faster than me had the feeling it was right behind me the whole time. Really well done!

Atmosphere was gripping! Awesome short game

Game actually slaps pretty hard. Ended up drawing a whole map of the house so I could find my way around. A lot of fun!