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After a period of time, the game forces you into the next level, and sometimes the whirlpools force you into other enemies. Maybe make it that you descend when you feel like it.
The clawy parasite is so so OP, the shooty guy can just shoot from afar, the spike guy can just thrust it's spike from afar and the guy with the sucker can latch on to the combat zooid, but fighting with the claw is really dangerous and every claw creature I made just perished to the first boss after I was forced into a whirlpool.

Hey, thank you for playing Sipho!

We are working on forced whirlpool improvements, both mechanically and visually, so they would feel like the world is crumbling down and everything gets sucked into them. As for Sea breed boss - it should be easier to deal with same breed. We'll look into how can we solve that.