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OOKAY, so around now it seems that my past self was trying to do the main menu.

How doth it look?

So that wasn't very popular, I decided to use this as my final menu:

It seems like I just started having fun around this time:

Me playing-I mean testing large maps.

Crates-crates - are everywhere ~~~ But no fps to spare 🎶

I have to many of these blue screens of death

Atleast I accomplished some polish in the menu. The game loads with an opening chibi cutscene!

Now, my past self, for it is the wish of the first star, will be working on bots!

A player and a bot , both called .na. poop, stand in a buggy field... Something must happen!! -Dan dan-

 Well, that's all for today...Don't feel sad, what I just posted was -like- a month's work -_-...for my past self. 😀

Next time:

the what!?

So, play runedd! Dang it! This peyboard 😬!