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OK, I finally uploaded a video of my playthrough, it can be found here:

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Thanks so much for recording that! That was a mammoth effort on your part. 4hr20m is a marathon stream.

I'm really glad you enjoyed the game so much, and got so many laughs out of it. It was a heckuva lot of fun to watch you having fun.

Sorry for forgetting to cap the Lamia's HP integer! It kept going up whenever you used the Bard's healing move, which is why she was so hard to kill...

You forgot to check out the Voyeur Mode after picking up some outfits for the Bard, though! (^_^)


Oh that makes so much more sense.  I was so confused on why she was SO HARD to kill, but hey, that's what I'm here for =D Thanks again for the experience!  Maybe I'll go snag a peek at that Bard... Ow ow ;)