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From 2007 - 2018 all the free games, and I do not know how they survive to not eat gives money to Xform, and Xform supports by being on the site and promoting it sometimes (i.e Billboards or Bullet 350's skin for the opponents in Easy Street.) Now that Adobe Shockwave is not supported for browsers, we have to pay in order to play and support Xform for their next works. Who knows, maybe from all these earnings that they can create something even better!

Propane Guy

1:Adobe Shockwave and Nickelodeon's are not connected.

2:I hope they will create something better, and they already have money to not just create remasters.


Stop thinking like they don't have a second job and Nickelodeon didn't payed them to make games. 700$ is a minimum what they got for Burnin Rubber 5 HD and Burnin Rubber 3. 

But to the distribution the money is not that amount is much smaller, How could they earn $ 50

You might have misunderstood what Propane Guy was trying to say, I hope I can clearify it:

1: had the game on their site to play

-> there are advertisements on the website

      -> more people see the ads, more money for xform

2: games made with adobe shockwave cannot be played anymore

-> people cant play the games

    -> they dont see ads (because they took the game from the site)

          -> no more money for xform