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Propane Guy

1:Adobe Shockwave and Nickelodeon's are not connected.

2:I hope they will create something better, and they already have money to not just create remasters.


Stop thinking like they don't have a second job and Nickelodeon didn't payed them to make games. 700$ is a minimum what they got for Burnin Rubber 5 HD and Burnin Rubber 3. 

But to the distribution the money is not that amount is much smaller, How could they earn $ 50

You might have misunderstood what Propane Guy was trying to say, I hope I can clearify it:

1: had the game on their site to play

-> there are advertisements on the website

      -> more people see the ads, more money for xform

2: games made with adobe shockwave cannot be played anymore

-> people cant play the games

    -> they dont see ads (because they took the game from the site)

          -> no more money for xform