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That is great to know! :D

Although I found one bug that is still here:

The (first) boat race in the jungle area does not work correctly. The position counter is always stuck at 4/4, and when the finish line is crossed nothing happens at all. When I leave the course I will fall through the ground eventually.

I cannot complete the race and therefore not get the petite xs, which is one of my favorites.

Somehow I never realised this before...

Were the Burnin Rubber games designed to be played with a 'qwerty' keyboard?

Because as a user of a 'qwertz' keyboard I only now noticed that all controlls (exept driving) are neatly placed in one row of keys... exept the primary weapon, which is still bound to z (between t and u).

At the same time y (next to x) is not being used for anything.

I never noticed this back years ago when I didn't care about drifting or looking back, but some wicked finger twisting is required to use all of the controlls with 'qwertz'.

Is there a workaround to bind my guns to'y' or if not, could you implement such a thing easily? (something like a setting "primary fire y/z" in the launcher)

The only other thing I could think of is changing the keyboard input settings to my entire PC everytime I play.

This is almost just a cosmetic thing, but I thought I'd ask anyway.

When I enable motion blur in the launcher the game starts to lag really bad, independent of any other settings as far as my experience goes.

Also, things close to the camera become slightly transparent by the combination of motion blur and nitrous!

Could this be hardware dependent? I am using the appearently dangerous combination of Windows 10 and NVIDIA, but the rest of the game works just fine for me.

I definitely remember a bug (from years ago) where I would enter the FINAL BOSS mission and instantly win before the countdown even starts!

It was hilarious, but I was never able to play it normally.

I'm posting this just in case no one ever reported it and in case it could appear again.

You might have misunderstood what Propane Guy was trying to say, I hope I can clearify it:

1: had the game on their site to play

-> there are advertisements on the website

      -> more people see the ads, more money for xform

2: games made with adobe shockwave cannot be played anymore

-> people cant play the games

    -> they dont see ads (because they took the game from the site)

          -> no more money for xform

Well, this became a lot of text. I just tried to explain my point of view (not facts) as comprehensible as possible. Here's the short version:

A company has to pay for many things.

If we had a teen coding prodigy that lived at his parent's house with powerful hard- and software and a budget of 700$, then that would be a completely different thing, so I can see where your point of view comes from.

But the 'company' part is one example for why that would not be much, since a company doesn't just have money lying around, they earn it themselves. Xform produces videogames, therefore they earn money by selling games.

If you now consider at least payment for the people that work at xform, rent for an office (I assume they don't work at home) and possible maintenance or upgrade costs for PCs and workplace those 700$ unfortunately are far from lasting you even one month of work. Plus there is always some costs that you cannot expect in advance. Payments like those are not a one-time purchase, but rather a monthly investment to keep your business from bankruptcy. For a buisness, espacially a small one, the term "enough money" doesn't really exist.

I assume that BR3 and 4 were only able to be free in the first place because of advertisement revenue by the websites thatpublished the games. Seriously, 5$ is not exactly much and personally I don't have trouble justifying the price.

Also the re-releases (not reMAKES, that is a huge difference (exept BR5, which is a remake)) were a 'side project' for the fans that were asking, and it would surprise me if xform hadn't started already on collecting ideas and started designing their next main release title, so don't really worry about that.

(1 edit)

VAT19 might be an issue here. I'm not well informed myself, but at least europeans (like me) have to pay an extra tax of 19% due to laws and stuff...

At least that would explain why $5.36 are not enough.

Edit: just in case that wasn't clear, xform would not be responsible for that, it's the way itch shows the price of something

Awesome! I am glad that the games return as standalone downloads  :D

The only two things left to make it perfect in my mind are resolution options with 16:9 and gamepad driving input. But even without... 

Hours of fun, here I come!