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Very fun point and click adventure! I didn’t expect the twists toward the end. This game had some good humor to it! I love the art style and the color palette was very appealing as well. The music was also well done! The puzzles and choices associated with them felt like they required some good amount of thinking and were rewarding to solve.

It would be nice if there was a message to let you know how to save and load the game near the beginning. Especially since the choices made seem to matter a lot! I learned about being able to save the game the hard way, only after beating the game. T_T It wasn’t too long of a trek back once you know what to do though.

Overall, great game! Nice job on this! :)


Hey Wow! Thank you for your play through and suggestion! I really enjoyed your commentary a lots!  We definitely will take note for the "save game" part! Will make it clearer for the save and load in the next build!