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thank you for playing the game!! I really appreciated it and your comments 😊

 the plant absolutely needs more sunlight that's why the protagonist sucks at keeping plants alive 😭

Thank you <3

thanks, it never got easier~ V_V

Thank you so much~ I am so glad that I can introduce you guys about him through my game too ^^

Thank you so much for the very sweet comment and I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed it! Itch has a lot of interesting stuff, I agree, so I’m glad to be adding to that. (And the door puzzle is everyone’s enemy, don’t worry!)

Thanks for finishing the game! just so you know the game have 3 endings this is the bad ending, I know it isnt easy to play again if you are curious just check out some good ending from other people's video haha. Anyway thanks for playing and make this video I really appreciated :)

Aw thanks so much for the play through! I love you guy's commentary! sounds so fun!

Finally a ep 2 can't wait to watch it :D

Thanks for playing! Amazing playthrough I like the acting! you got the worse and the best ending congrats:)!

Love the rap love the editing, thanks a lot LOLL

Hi Hula Noob! Thanks for the play-through, it's really amazing! It's a fair comment about that part you were frustrated, we actually fixed that part that we saw others also getting confused with!

Thank you <3

Thank you so much for your let's play and comment! I am really glad you enjoyed it!!!

Thanks for playing and glad it reminds you of your cat :)))

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Thanks so much, I am watching your video right now, enjoying the commentary so much, great job on your side <3

Aw Thanks <3

Thanks for gameplay video ^^!

Oh Thank you so much Bubi, im so touched T_T

Thanks for the playthroug and appreciation, glad U enjoyed it 😊

Wow thanks for the playthrough i can't wait to watch it yeahhhh!!!!

"Wasn't expecting to find a dead man today, but finding Jcat remains the most important thing todo."

Yes I agree 

Can't wait for the final episode!!

Thanks so much for the video!!

And beware of the cats 😹

Thanks for the playthrough it's fun to watch and also ur appreciation, anything for jcat 😭!
Hey now you can listen to the song here! thanks for your support ^^!

OH gosh, I can't wait to see your let's play, thanks for doing the let's play and liking the game <3

Hey thanks for the comment! Thanks for letting me know the issue, I will fix it for the next build, really appreciate it!!

Wow thanks for download the game Marby!!!

Let me know how do you feel about it 😊💜 take your time tho!

Thanks for the play-through!!!!

Hey! The song isn't in anywhere else yet, my friend Andy composed and performed the song, he gonna make a bandcamp and put the song there I will let you know while I have the link asap. Thanks for playing the game :D!!!

Hey guys~ My first indie adventure game Bubble Jcat is out! 

 "In the year 202x. During a "mysterious" global pandemic and a city-wide lockdown, your cat "Jcat" is missing. It's been 5 days and there's still no sign of him. Can you find him and save him from starving in the street? Can you uncover the secret of his disappearance?"

As the player "You", you’ll walk the streets of Berlin, exploring the neighbourhood, searching for clues and talking to the locals to try and track down where Jcat might have gone.
The playtime is about 30 mins, hope you enjoy it!

Download Now:

Hey Wow! Thank you for your play through and suggestion! I really enjoyed your commentary a lots!  We definitely will take note for the "save game" part! Will make it clearer for the save and load in the next build!