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I appreciate you giving the demo a try! I'm afraid there's a bit of a disconnect here. Floret Bond is purely a relationship based slice-of-life experience. The setting may be fantastical and the situation is curious, but that is only to add to the development of the character's connections. We tried to be pretty straight forward about that at the top of the page. Socially awkward folks bumbling through conversations while growing a deeper bond with each other is specifically what the game is meant to be played for. If that's too simple for your personal tastes that's perfectly understandable. But the amount of story substance isn't a mistake and FB's intentions will always remain the same. Even if you kept playing you wouldn't have been giving what you were looking for. "Intrigue" was never meant to be a word people used to describe our plot-light, relaxed paced, fluff fest of a game, haha. Still, I'm sorry Floret Bond isn't what you wanted even though you had really hoped it would be something you enjoyed.

Perhaps you might want to try "My Magical Divorce Bureau!" . That is also a game full of fantasy creature couples in odd, unexplained situations, but there's much more focus on getting to the bottom of what really happened rather than just the characters' budding relationships. Though, that VN is still more comedy-based than mystery based.