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will there be a sequel to "you are grounded" like "trapped in basement" with new mechanics?

Hello! Thanks for your question!

Right now, we are not working on a sequel, but on a non-related game to YAG!

Nonetheless, we've discussed this possibility and got many ideas for that possible project :) Of course, this would include new mechanics.

Is the any new game to make Devs? This is the only game that I see?!

Currently, we are working in a new game, it will be announced soon :)

Was it FREE?!

Nope, it will cost money like this one :)

Can you release this game on Steam?!


We want to do it in the future, but we can't in this moment :(



how would a sequel to this game even be like? how would the story continue from where it left off? would it be just us (the kid) living his life as an adult?

true the story can be continued as it left off it could include third person but it wouldn't be possible