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We are sorry to hear that. However, we hope you enjoyed the game anyway! *sending virtual hug*

Thank you! We hope you enjoyed the game

Thanks, but we think that's not the proper point of view to play the game

yeah me too.

Hello! Thank you for your words. The music box-like tune was made (but not composed) by our sound designer. It's Vivaldi's "La Follia"! 

We conceived YAG! to have "Next gen PSX Styled Graphics". It's more about how you remember the PSX Graphics than how they truly were.

Hello, sorry for the inconvenience. You have to open "You are GROUNDED!.exe" inside the file you downloaded. There is only one folder inside the file, named "You are GROUNDED! v1.3.1_x64" or "You are GROUNDED! v1.3.1_x86", depending on which you downloaded. You'll find the .exe inside it with other files that you don't need to open.

Thank you very much for playing the game! :D We're glad your fans enjoyed it!

Hello, we are sorry to hear that. Did you try the x64 demo? 

We want to do it in the future, but we can't in this moment :(

Nope, it will cost money like this one :)

Currently, we are working in a new game, it will be announced soon :)

Hello! Thanks for your question!

Right now, we are not working on a sequel, but on a non-related game to YAG!

Nonetheless, we've discussed this possibility and got many ideas for that possible project :) Of course, this would include new mechanics.

Thanks to you for playing the game!

Thanks for playing and the support!

Thanks for playing the demo and all your kind words!

Thanks for playing the demo!

Thanks for playing! It's always great to see how people face the whole story.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! Sorry for the scares ;)

That's very kind! We hope doesn't disappoint you.

Thanks for playing the demo!

Thanks for playing! Sorry for the bug in the fair scene, it´s something we fixed in the complete version but we forgot to update the demo. We will upload a patch now.

Thanks for the offer! The game presents custom hand made fonts for English and Spanish, and it will be difficult to create specific custom types for Turkish. We will study the possibility to port the game to other languages.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for your interest! For now we are focuising on windows. In the future we will bring the game as many platforms possible.

We are studying how to port the game to other OS. Stay tuned for future updates.

Thanks for playing the demo!

We have a patch in the way. It will be uploaded soon.

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For now we are focusing on fixing some minor bugs to make the flow of the game as flawless possible. Not sure about adding more content to the game, since we wanted to provide a self contained, open to self interpretation plot. We think it´s better to develop a completely new experience with the lessons learned from this one. Maybe a sequel in the future? Time will tell...

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We introduced cockroaches to guide the player through the platforming sections. For now they are just a number, but we are thinking about doing something special with them in futures updates.

Thats a great gameplay! Thank you very much for playing! Since we are Spaniards we understand you a little bit. A real pleassure!

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Thanks a lot for playing and streaming the game! We will fix it in our next update.

Wow! Thank you very much for those kind words! It's a boost to keep us going, since it's our first game published. 

Thank you for playing! Sorry for the bugs of the version you played. Current version 1.1 solves the majority of them. We saw some other minor bugs during your gameplay that we are going to fix them right now.

Thanks for posting the gameplay! It was a blast! Waiting for part 2.

For now we are not able to open a Steam developper account, this is something that we are going to do in the future. When we get the chance to publish on Steam, we will send keys to all the users that already purchased a copy on

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It´s 1997, Haddonfield, Illinois. You are trapped in the basement. Father is upstairs. He has been drinking all day. He wants to come down to give you a lesson. Do you have the guts to survive?

You are GROUNDED! is a post-horror B movie inspired narrative experience. It's a blend between different genres like walking simulator, platformer and, of course, horror. Everything is tied up to fulfill the story telling in an adult oriented theme.

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First of all, thank you very much for playing!

And thank you very much for this detailed bug report, very appreciated!

It seems that the game start failing in some points after first complete run. Some global variables are storing things that weren't expected and persist between games. We are working on it right now, and we will upload the patch asap.

For now, try entering in the Windows Regedit console and delete the content at \HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Sepia Games\You are GROUNDED! It will set the game as a fresh start and might fix some of the issues you faced, but you will also lose all settings and progress. This quickfix doesn´t affect to get alternate endings. 

And for the cockroaches, one hint: There is a tricky one before the scene you mentioned, but does not affect to the third ending.