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pretty fun video, dawg. Enjoyed it. Make more.

Although taking into consideration that your channel isn't that big yet, consider not using the style of thumbnail you're using at the moment. Everybody else is doing the same thing, and from a potential viewer point of view, when I look for a "let's play" video of a game that I am interested in, I tend to go for nice artwork, and not the face of the youtuber. 

Not saying this type of branding is bad, I'm just saying from a designers perspective nice art is always appreciated. Or even a screenshot.

Also, loved the Tommy reference at the begining. 10/10. Would watch again.


Crazy good art, quite inspiring actually. Solid. 

Much appreciated, I have over 300 videos, YouTube is slow to no growth.  I appreciate the thumbnail thoughts as well, most thumbs I have don't tend to have my face as much as I used to, unless the particular art style doesn't suit my own tastes for a thumbnail. Only goal is to keep them minimalist, eye catching, and as relevant as I see fit that day.  Thanks! 

We all grind dawg, keep going. Gave you a sub, will keep watching!

I think it looks fine. Something I would've clicked on if i saw it. It all just depends on exposure , not really your thumbnail.