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cute! I really love how you manage to use the few colors as a guide in game. I also like the soundtrack, as 8-bit tends to hurt my head but this music wasn't too overdone and made it easy to play through with no distractions.  

Good game, I hate cats now, but besides that, I think you should add some kind of scoring system. The game is fun, however it isn't really worth coming back too as much when you don't have a motive behind it. 

I think it looks fine. Something I would've clicked on if i saw it. It all just depends on exposure , not really your thumbnail. 

(I wasn't referring to you when I mentioned someone was blowing it out of proportion.)Though I disagree that it can be called self-centered, you didn't do anything wrong, it's just a bit unnecessary to "look bad" in a minorities' eyes when it's very likely you're a good person with good intentions. Besides the fact that I did leave my perspective on the situation, The only thing that really seems like an actual issue is the fact that a quick glance over this can make someone think "the dev(s) is argumentative." People take things a lot more harshly when dealing with someone who can be called a professional so arguing can look bad for creators is all. 

Anyways people tend to self-advertise on I'm used too it and I've seen some people do it in a really immature way (such as linking their social media and pretty much leaving a huge advertisement that fills the comment section which is why I think this is kind of harmless.) so chances are this may happen again. If it starts to bother you after a while I'd suggest leaving a note somewhere about it to prevent it from happening again. 

Wow, okay. By someone playing a game for you, they're pretty much adverting for you. There's nothing wrong with encouraging people to subscribe  if they like your content. It isn't scummy either way as it's literally harming no one.  to be honest the only scummy people when it comes down to this situation are the people who act like someone's committing a crime and physically hurting someone when they do something as small as this. If this is wrong, you might as well tell everyone to stop posting their gameplay to  because technically it's all self-advertising. 

Really disappointing to see devs acting so unprofessional and irresponsible. Defuse the situation, don't encourage an opinion that'll easily cause arguments. Makes me not want to play the game at all. 

Cool but I don't think anyone will keep their attention on it long enough to keep playing. After a while of being thrown all the way back to the start the game is no longer interesting. The introduction took my by surprise though, really liked that part.

Ah , alright! Thanks for making such an adorable yet touching game! 

Whenever I go to the entrance and wait it brings me to the pop-up page , but it still shows an entirely black page with a question mark at the center. I'm guessing nothing in-game is supposed to happen but instead the web page is supposed to change somehow.  

So the true ending isn't the fixing ending?

[Slight spoilers??]

Upon finishing the game I noticed that a certain area unlocked. However It won't let me go into it? I'm not sure if there are certain requirements to go in besides finishing the game or..?