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Is there a plan for actual application, because web can slow down even on mighty PCs with motherload of memory. 

Yes, there is: link.  But is it that bad for you now? On my decent, but pretty old MacBook  Pro (2013, 8Gb) it never takes longer than a fraction of second to generate even a large city. There may be some memory leaks though depending on a browser...


Hello, it is fast to generate but extremely painful to recalculate trying to reshape it. I wanted to do a version of Mulmaster (Forgotten Realms) by moving sea to shape it similar to the city maps I was working with but I quickly gave up because each movement was imprecise and slow. Don't take this as criticism, I am very glad your project is shaping up as the best random city generator but wish that power to randomize the blanks such as individual buildings, etc. but we could shape the city simiar to existing maps.