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Wonderboy-bobi/STORYBIRD - This game rocks!
I've been playing the demo for the last few days on Linux using WINE.
Do you ever plan on doing a Linux port?
Wonderboy is one of my most favorite series and this game has got
all of what I love about it! The only issue I have is that I think I'm
about to win the DEMO and then I won't be able to have any more fun
with it till the full game is released. 8)

What is the final game's eta?
I read an old text where FEBUARY 2017 was given as a possible
release time but obviously, that time has passed.

I don't use STEAM or support DRM.
Will AGGELOS be available to purchase from ITCH.IO when complete?
I hope so!!!

The game is awesome, great job!
Very anxious to play the final full version! 8)

Thank you MENTD!

Yes the game development is finished and will be released really soon :)

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Awesome! So will it be available here on ITCH.IO ?
I hope so because I do not use STEAM!

I've been looking forward to MONSTERBOY & THE CURSED KINGDOM
for years now but they are taking forever and ever and have not released
any playable demos or anything yet.
I found AGGELOS searching through ITCH.IO's platformer/metroidvania section.
I had heard nothing about it yet it has become one of my most anticipated titles!
Of course, I've already won the demo so I am ready for the full game asap!!! 8)
I think AGGELOS is awesome and feels exactly how a WONDERBOY game should feel!
My favorite WONDERBOY game is Wonderboy in Monster World.
AGGELOS feels very much like an extension of that game but with all the problems fixed,
I think the control is even better! I also love WONDERBOY IV and AGGELOS seems to
have taken from that as well! I hope the game can be purchased, DRM free, on ITCH.IO!