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Awesome! So will it be available here on ITCH.IO ?
I hope so because I do not use STEAM!

I've been looking forward to MONSTERBOY & THE CURSED KINGDOM
for years now but they are taking forever and ever and have not released
any playable demos or anything yet.
I found AGGELOS searching through ITCH.IO's platformer/metroidvania section.
I had heard nothing about it yet it has become one of my most anticipated titles!
Of course, I've already won the demo so I am ready for the full game asap!!! 8)
I think AGGELOS is awesome and feels exactly how a WONDERBOY game should feel!
My favorite WONDERBOY game is Wonderboy in Monster World.
AGGELOS feels very much like an extension of that game but with all the problems fixed,
I think the control is even better! I also love WONDERBOY IV and AGGELOS seems to
have taken from that as well! I hope the game can be purchased, DRM free, on ITCH.IO!