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This is probably my favorite game of yours, yet! The ambiance and enemy sounds are amazing, as usual. The voice acting is awesome! I mean the other voice acting, not mine haha. I love how there are so many different monsters and it's just a random chance for you to get each one. It'd be awesome if you'd add a hard mode where two or three monsters are loose in the area and maybe you need to find more items to get into certain places? It'd also be cool to add a color option. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the old school black and white, but the extra option would be a cool little addition. Not a big game changer or anything if you don't add it, though. I'm pretty sure I found a bug with the monster AI where he was stuck running against the wall, but I think you already spotted that one. Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to help you with this project. I love how active you are in your community by giving people the chance to participate in your games! Thanks for making this!

Oooo, a hard mode would be a pretty cool addition yeah. I would like to add the color version, though I'm not sure how cause the black and white thing is a post processing effect, so I'm not quite sure how I could change it through an option, but I'll try! And I just released a patch fixing that AI bug. It only lets him take one path instead of it being random though it's only temporary until I make a permanent solution. Thanks for playing dude, glad you enjoyed it.


yay! I’m glad you like the suggestions! Awesome that you fixed the A.I. bugs too! Your determination is great!