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We are sorry that you didn't like it.  The slow movement/sprinting is due to your PC performnce, it looks like your running it at 10 or 15 fps which essentially means the game is 6 times as slow as what is intended.  The player model has a slight slide but again the low fps makes this look bad.  Try lowering the graphics before you start and if you press escape in game you can take off any special effects that may hinder performance. We are sorry we can't cater for your taste in horror video games but again even I wouldn't like the game if I could only play it at 10 frames per second.  (press tab for fps  counter). Just a thing to keep in mind. 

It does share some similar qualities as slender. Such as having a flashlight. Exploring a map to do objectives.  However,  the enemy AI is completely different, music and audio is completely different. Try looking at some of the other YouTubers who played the game like: captain fructose, pecanyoutube to name a few. 

I did try lowering the graphics, but the game still ran just as slowly. I chose the "Fastest" setting, since that was the only other one of the two settings available.

We are sorry.  We do have a small list of minimum requirements for the game in the description. Does your PC match or surpass these parameters? have u tried loading in game and turning off all the special effects?  Due to the game being open for player choices in pathways for the map and not confined to set jumpscares it does take a bit more computing power to run.  Plus recording software also hinders game speed. 

Thank you for the feedback.  

I'm bad with reading PC specs, I really can't be bothered to do it. If your game is too much for my laptop, then it's too much for my laptop. I can't afford anything better than what I've got, so my best choice is to just forget about the game and move on to another.